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Comprehensive WordPress Website Maintenance Services

We take your WordPress Website Performance to the Next Level


Keep Your WordPress Website Safe, Secure, and Running Smoothly with Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Does your WordPress website feel sluggish, outdated, or vulnerable?  Regular maintenance is crucial for a healthy website, but managing updates, security, and performance can be a hassle.  This is where comprehensive WordPress website maintenance services come in.

These services offer a complete solution to keep your site in top shape.  Automatic backups ensure you can recover from any mishap.  Security monitoring and updates safeguard your site from hackers and malware.  Performance optimization keeps your pages loading lightning-fast, providing a positive user experience for your visitors.

Additionally, these services can include broken link repair, SEO tweaks, and content updates to boost your website's ranking in search results.  By investing in comprehensive WordPress website maintenance, you can free up your time to focus on what matters most – running your business.

Tailored Website Maintenance for Micro & Small Businesses

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Keep your coaching website updated and secure hassle-free.


Keep your coaching website updated and secure hassle-free.

architect (1).png

Ensure your architectural portfolio stays polished and accessible.

Interior Designers

Maintain your design portfolio with ease and precision.

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Expert support to keep your accounting firm's website running smoothly.

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Reliable maintenance solutions for legal professionals.

IT Firms:

Streamline your IT company's website management effortlessly.

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Tailored website maintenance for businesses of all kinds.

Your In House Success Partner

Why Choose Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services?

Welcome to our expert WordPress website maintenance services. We provide top-notch maintenance solutions to ensure your WordPress site runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Our team of professionals is dedicated to keeping your site updated and optimized.

Peace of Mind
  • 24X7X365 Uptime Monitoring

  • Regular Automated Backup

  • Dedicated Client Managment

Enhanced Efficiency
  • Optimize Website Speed & Performance

  • Optimize Images & reduce size

  • Best Cashing Implementation

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Increased Reach
  • Mobile Speed Optimization

  • Fix Alignment Issues

  • Mobile Design Optimization

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Strategic Support
  • Regular Core Updates

  • Ongoing Plugin Updates

  • Find & Fix Broken Links

Security & Protection
  • Firewall setup & Virus Protection

  • Automated Security Scan

  • Spam & Phishing Prevention

Improved ROI
  • CDN Implementation

  • Assist Digital Marketing Team

  • Implement 3rd Party Scripts 

Call Back
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Is Your Website Ready to Thrive? Take Our Quick Maintenance Quiz Now!

Is your website up to speed? Take our Website Maintenance Quiz to find out! In just a few minutes, uncover hidden issues and get personalized tips to boost your website's performance. Don't let your online presence lag behind—take the quiz now and stay ahead of the curve!

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services:

Ensure peak performance and security with these vital website maintenance tasks.


WordPress Website Maintenance

  • Regular updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins

  • Security monitoring and malware removal

  • Performance optimization

  • Backup and restore services

  • Content updates and management


WordPress Web Maintenance

  • Monthly maintenance packages

  • Custom maintenance plans tailored to your needs

  • 24/7 monitoring and support

  • Detailed maintenance reports

  • User-friendly dashboard for maintenance requests


WordPress Site Maintenance

  • Website health checks and audits

  • Broken link fixes and error troubleshooting

  • SEO and analytics monitoring

  • Database optimization and cleanup

  • Hosting and domain management

Benefits of Our Maintenance Services

Choosing our WordPress website maintenance services ensures:

Enhanced security and protection against threats

Safeguard against data loss and website downtime.

Improved website performance and speed

Enhance speed for improved user experience.

security (4).png
Regular backups to prevent data loss

Identify and fix vulnerabilities to protect website and users.

Peace of mind with 24/7 support and monitoring

Maintain high availability and quick response to downtime.

SEO optimization to boost your search engine rankings

Track ranking, backlinks, and traffic for improved visibility.


Get a Free Expert Website Audit Today!

Unlock Your Website's Potential with Our Complimentary Audit! Gain valuable insights and actionable recommendations tailored to your business. Get Started Now!

  • Indexing & Crawlability

  • Redirects

  • Technical Factors

  • Links & URL's

  • Page Speed

  • Images

  • On Page Content

  • Localization


Comprehensive Website Security

The core of our service is fortifying websites against cyber threats through meticulous patching and regulatory compliance, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Is your website as secure as it should be? Take our Website Security Assessment quiz to evaluate your website's security posture and identify potential risks.

Our Technology Partners

Working together for comprehensive website maintenance solutions


Savelli's website restored, secured, and managed for seamless online presence.


Empowering Annveshan's Online Presence

Challenge: Annveshan needed reliable website maintenance to uphold its professional image and ensure seamless user experience for clients.

Solution: SigntoDesign's dedicated team provided comprehensive website maintenance services to Annveshan. This included regular content updates, implementing security patches, and optimizing website performance.

Results: Annveshan's website remains up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance, thanks to SigntoDesign's proactive approach to maintenance. With peace of mind regarding their online presence, Annveshan can focus on delivering exceptional consultancy services to their clients.


I thank JSigntoDesign for the support provided and also recommend them for any website development or management without any 2nd thought as I understand they are quite well experienced in this matter.

Arun Kumar Sriramasetty

Partner - Annveshan Business Solutions


How We Ensure Your Investment Counts

we guarantee the value of your investment and keep you informed about all ongoing operations on your site.

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Dedicated Client Manager

When you join us, a dedicated Project Manager crafts your detailed plan, available for your review anytime.

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Dashboards & Reports

Stay informed with ongoing statistics and evaluations, ensuring full visibility into your website's performance.

Unveiling the First-Ever Structured Website Care Program!

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Years of experience and continuous enhancements have shaped this program, prioritizing systemization and client satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure every website under our maintenance program remains Fast, Safe, and Secure.

How it Works?

  • CRM for Maintenance Life Cycle

  • Ticket Management System

  • 20+ Monthly Preventive Tasks

  • Remote Cloud Backup & Restore

  • Detailed Reporting System

  • 4+ Ways to Raise a Ticket

  • 24×7 Website Uptime Monitoring

  • Domain & SSL Certificate Expiry Monitoring

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring

  • Onboarding Health Check-up

  • Dedicated Maintenance Team

  • Unlimited Standard Support

  • No Hours Limit

  • Defined Process in Place

  • 5+ Types of Detailed Monthly Reports

  • Monthly & Annual Payment Plans

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Comprehensive Content Consolidation


Choose a Website Maintenance plan that’s right for your business.

vision (7).png
Starter Plan

Upto 5 Pages

  • Monthly Online Review

  • Chat & Call Support

  • 12 Hrs TAT

Starting at Rs 1000 per month

Billed Annually
Rs. 9990.00
login (2).png
Growth Plan

5 to 10 Pages

  • Monthly Online Review

  • Chat & Call Support

  • 12 Hrs TAT

Starting at Rs 2500 per month

Billed Annually
Rs. 24000.00
check (3).png
Pro Plan

10 to 20 Pages

  • Monthly Online Review

  • Chat & Call Support

  • 12 Hrs TAT

Starting at Rs 5500 per month

Billed Monthly
Rs. 5500.00
login (2).png
Premium Plan

 20 Plus Pages

  • Monthly Online Review

  • Chat & Call Support

  • 12 Hrs TAT

Starting at Rs 9500 per month

Billed Monthly
Rs. 9500.00
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Enterprise Plans

For large organizations and institutions, SigntoDesign provides enterprise-level website maintenance with dedicated management and heightened SLAs, ensuring top-tier service.

How it works?

With experience serving more than 500 clients, we've honed our processes and systems from onboarding to satisfaction.

customer-service (8).png

Step 01

Select Plan

Select a plan thats suitable for your website

Step 02

Get a Quote

Get a custom quote tailor made for your business.

Step 03

Get Onboard

Sign NDAs, introduce team & secure infrastructure.

Step 04

Get Support

Sit back! The Team takes over Website Maintenance

How it works
Red Background_edited.png
Client Success Story

I am incredibly pleased with the services provided by SigntoDesign. They crafted a website for Kshipraa Mechatronics that perfectly captures our brand and offerings. Their ongoing technical maintenance and content updates have made our online presence seamless. It's been a valuable partnership, and I highly recommend their expertise to anyone seeking exceptional web solutions.

Mr. Parameshwar
Proud Website Maintenance Client of SigntoDesign
Website Managed by 


Demystifying Website Maintenance: 
Your Questions, Our Answers

  • What are the technologies you support?
    We offer technical support for WordPress and Wix websites.
  • Do you offer your services globally?
    Yes, we provide our services worldwide. Email us on or Whatsapp us on +91 6363325340
  • Do you offer Website Design and Development Services?
    Yes, we specialize in designing marketing websites for professionals on the Wix Platform. We are Wix Legend Partners - Visit for more details
  • What services are included in your pricing plans?
    Our pricing plans include following core services: Core Services: Technical Maintenance Content Update Onpage Technical SEO Website Security Infrastructure Management
  • What industries do you specialize in for Website Maintenance services?
    While we cater to various industries for Website Maintenance services. Our expertise allows us to comprehend their unique needs, offering tailored and effective solutions to meet their requirements.
  • What are the different Website Maintenance packages that you offer?
    Choose from our five tailored plans to meet diverse organizational needs: Basic Plan: Ensure website uptime with technical maintenance. Essential Plan: Receive ongoing content updates alongside technical maintenance. Professional Plan: Enjoy all features from Basic and Essential Plans, plus ongoing technical SEO. Premium Plan: Access everything included in previous plans, along with enhanced website security. Enterprise Plans: Customized solutions for large organizations and institutions.
  • Can I select individual services rather than opting for a bundled pricing plan?
    Individual service selection without opting for a bundled pricing plan is not available.
  • How do I choose the right pricing plan for my needs?
    Selecting the appropriate pricing plan depends on your specific needs. We offer three distinct packages tailored for various requirements. To determine the best fit for your business, schedule a call with us by clicking this link, where we will provide guidance personalized to your needs.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to accommodate changing needs. Just reach out to our support team, and they will assist you.
  • Can I customize a pricing plan to suit my specific needs?
    While our plans are designed to be comprehensive, we can discuss customization options to better align with your unique requirements.
  • Are there any hidden fees or additional costs in your pricing plans?
    No, our pricing plans are transparent, and there are no hidden fees. You pay the amount specified in your chosen plan.
  • What if I need assistance or have questions about my pricing plan?
    We're here to help! You can set up an online meeting if you have questions or need assistance with your pricing plan or services. Call or Whatsapp 6363325340

Contact Us Now

Talk to us to find out about our flexible engagement models.

SigntoDesign offers tailored website maintenance, empowering businesses to maintain a reliable online presence while focusing on excellence.

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