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Terms & Conditions

Gain insights into our guidelines and policies through our concise Policy page.

Technical Website Maintenance

Our technical website maintenance service ensures your website stays secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best. Here's what we offer:

  • Core WordPress Care: We take care of regular updates for your CMS (Content Management System), plugins, and theme. This keeps your website protected from vulnerabilities and ensures compatibility with the latest technologies.

  • Speed Optimization: We optimize your website for speed and performance. This translates to a faster loading experience for your visitors, which can improve user engagement and SEO ranking.

  • Bug Squashing: We identify and fix bugs as they arise, maintaining the functionality and stability of your website.

  • Granular User Access Control: We configure user access levels, ensuring only authorized users can manage specific areas of your website.

  • Security Monitoring (Optional): We offer additional security monitoring services to proactively identify and address potential threats.

Additionally, we can assist with:

  • Track your website's uptime and receive alerts in case of any downtime.Uptime Monitoring:

  • Identify and fix broken links on your website, maintaining a positive user experience.Broken Link Repair:

  • Optimize your website's database for improved performance.Database Optimization:

  • Analytics Reporting: Provide regular reports on your website's traffic and performance metrics

New Functionality Develelopment


Cost Transparency:

We understand budget is important. Any new functionality development would be quoted as an additional cost based on the complexity of the feature.

Feasibility Assessment:

Our team will first assess the feasibility of your request. This involves determining if we have the in-house capability to develop the feature or if external resources would be necessary. We'll keep you informed throughout this process.

New Page Design & Development:

SigntoDesign offers new page design and development services for a competitive rate of Rs. 1,000 per page. This cost covers the creation of a visually appealing and functional page tailored to your specific needs.


Important to Note:


  • This price is for basic page design and development. More complex pages with intricate functionalities may require additional costs based on the project scope.

  • Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide a transparent quote before commencing any work.

Ready to Add New Pages?

Contact your Client Manager today to discuss your new page design and development needs. We'll be happy to create high-quality pages that enhance your website's functionality and user experience.

Disclaimer for Speed Optimization:

Website Speed Optimization:

SigntoDesign will strive to optimize your website's speed and performance using best practices. A faster loading website can lead to improved user engagement, bounce rate reduction, and potentially better SEO ranking.

Important Note:

Website Speed Optimization Results May Vary: The actual improvement in website speed depends on various factors beyond our direct control, such as server configuration, hosting environment, website complexity, and the quality of existing code. While we aim for significant improvements, we cannot guarantee specific results.

Ongoing Maintenance is Key: Maintaining optimal website speed is an ongoing process. New content, plugins, and themes can sometimes impact website performance. We recommend regular website maintenance to sustain a fast loading experience

Website Content Update

SigntoDesign Content Management Services: Keeping Your Website Fresh and Engaging

We understand the importance of keeping your website's content fresh, informative, and optimized. SigntoDesign offers a variety of content management services to meet your specific needs:

Content Audit & Recommendations (One-Time Service):

Our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your website's content, evaluating factors like SEO optimization, user engagement, and overall effectiveness.

We'll provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations on how to improve your content strategy.

Ongoing Content Updates:

  • Textual Content Updates: Need to add, edit, or delete text on your webpages? We can handle that!

  • Image/Visual Updates: Keep your website visually appealing with updates to images, graphics, banners, or other visual elements.

  • Blog/Article Posting: We can create and publish high-quality blog posts or articles to keep your audience engaged and informed.

  • Product/Service Updates: Adding new products or services? Updating descriptions or removing outdated offerings? We'll take care of it for you.

  • Event Updates: Announcing upcoming events, seminars, or conferences? We'll craft compelling descriptions to grab your audience's attention.

  • FAQs and Testimonials: Keeping your FAQs current and showcasing positive client experiences with fresh testimonials are crucial. We can help you manage these sections effectively.


Content Refresh Package (Starting at Rs. 3,000):

For a cost-effective way to refresh a group of webpages, consider our content refresh package. We'll optimize content on 5 pages for Rs. 3,000, with an additional Rs. 500 per extra page.

Additional Services:

  • Landing Page Design & Content Creation: We can design and write high-converting landing pages to capture leads and boost conversions (quoted separately).

  • SEO Optimization: Enhance your website's search engine ranking with our SEO optimization services (quoted separately).

Please Note: Pricing for ongoing content updates may vary depending on the length and complexity of the content.

Contact your Client Manager today to discuss your content management needs and receive a personalized quote!

On Page Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer a comprehensive suite of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to enhance your website's ranking and online visibility. Here's what we can do:

Technical SEO Foundation:

  • Google Search Console & GA4 Integration: Gain valuable insights into your website's performance and user behavior through integration with these powerful tools.

  • Google Search Index Submission: Ensure your website gets crawled and indexed by Google search engines for optimal visibility.

  • Google My Business Setup (if applicable): Increase local search visibility by setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

  • XML Sitemap Creation & Submission: Create a clear roadmap for search engines to navigate and index all your website's pages.


On-Page Optimization:

  • URL Optimization: Craft clear, concise, and keyword-rich URLs that are easy for both users and search engines to understand.

  • Meta Title & Description Optimization: Write compelling meta titles and descriptions that accurately reflect your content and entice users to click on your search results.

  • Heading (H1) Tag Optimization: Utilize optimized H1 tags to establish the main topic of each webpage and improve readability.

  • Mobile-friendliness & Responsiveness: Ensure your website displays flawlessly across all devices, including smartphones and tablets, for a seamless user experience.

  • Basic Schema Markup: Implement basic schema markup to provide search engines with richer information about your content, potentially enhancing search result appearance.

Content Optimization:

  • Image Size Optimization: Optimize image sizes to improve website loading speed, a crucial factor for SEO and user experience.

  • Image Alt Text Optimization: Craft informative alt text descriptions for your images, improving accessibility and search engine understanding.

  • Internal Linking: Strategically link relevant pages within your website to improve navigation and distribute link equity.

  • Basic Keyword Research: We'll conduct basic keyword research to identify relevant keywords that can help target your ideal audience.


By implementing these essential SEO practices, we can help your website climb the search engine rankings ladder and attract more qualified organic traffic.

Note: For a more comprehensive SEO strategy, including advanced keyword research, competitor analysis, and link building, we recommend exploring our additional SEO optimization packages. Contact your Client Manager today to discuss your specific needs and goals!

Digital Agency Support

Website Support Services:

SigntoDesign offers comprehensive website support services to ensure your website remains optimized and aligns with your overall digital marketing strategy.  We can assist with the following:

  • Streamlined Communication: We act as a central point of contact for all website-related changes requested by your digital marketing agency. This eliminates communication gaps and ensures clear project execution.

  • Website Optimization: We collaborate with your agency to optimize your website for improved performance and user experience, maximizing the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Content Integration: We work alongside your agency to coordinate content creation and optimization efforts, guaranteeing seamless integration with your broader digital marketing strategy.

  • SEO Alignment: Our team collaborates with your agency to optimize website content, structure, and keywords for enhanced search engine visibility, attracting your target audience and driving organic traffic.

  • Analytics Integration: We assist your agency in establishing the appropriate tracking tools to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. This facilitates data-driven decision making and campaign optimization.

  • 3rd Party Integration: We can seamlessly integrate additional tools or code snippets required by your digital marketing agency.

  • Technical Support: Our skilled team offers technical support, ensuring your website aligns with your digital marketing strategies for optimal performance.

Collaboration & Communication:

SigntoDesign prioritizes open communication and setting clear expectations. All website change requests submitted by your digital marketing agency will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding. This collaborative approach ensures everyone is on the same page, timelines are established, and projects are executed smoothly.

Infrastructure Management

SigntoDesign understands the importance of a robust website infrastructure. While we primarily focus on managing the website application itself, we can assist you with the following aspects of your 3rd party website infrastructure:

  • Renewal Management (Informational): We'll keep you informed of upcoming renewal deadlines for your web hosting, SSL certificate, and other critical infrastructure elements. While we cannot directly manage renewals ourselves (as they are handled by the respective providers), we'll provide timely reminders to ensure your website remains operational.

  • Subdomain Creation (Facilitated): Need to create subdomains for specific sections of your website? We can guide you through the process with your chosen web hosting provider.

  • Web Hosting (3rd Party Service): We recommend reliable web hosting providers to ensure your website has sufficient server space for optimal storage and performance. However, the actual web hosting service itself is a 3rd party service outside of our direct control.

  • SSL Certificate (3rd Party Service): We highly recommend implementing an SSL certificate for secure data transfer (HTTPS). We can help you choose a reputable SSL certificate provider but cannot directly manage the certificate itself.

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) (3rd Party Service): For improved website speed and performance, consider utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We can advise on the benefits of CDNs but cannot manage the service itself.

  • Scalability (Limited Control): We can discuss website scalability needs and make recommendations to your web hosting provider. However, the actual ability to scale resources may ultimately depend on your chosen hosting plan and provider capabilities.

  • Mobile Responsiveness (Our Expertise): We excel at ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and displays flawlessly across all devices. We will optimize your website's code and design for optimal mobile responsiveness.


Important Note:

While SigntoDesign strives to provide comprehensive website support, it's important to understand that certain aspects of 3rd party website infrastructure fall outside our direct control. We will always be happy to guide you and answer your questions, but some actions will need to be taken directly with your respective hosting provider or service vendor.

Google Business Profile Management

Here's a list of activities we can handle on your behalf:

Claim & Verification:

  • If you haven't already, we can claim your Google Business Profile and guide you through the verification process.


Profile Optimization:

  • Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date with accurate business information, including:

    • Business name, address, and phone number (NAP)

    • Category selection (choosing the most relevant categories for your business)

    • Business description (highlighting your offerings and unique selling points)

    • High-quality photos showcasing your business, products, or services

    • Opening hours


Content Management:

  • Regularly post updates, including special offers, events, new products, or blog content (if applicable) to keep your profile fresh and engaging.

  • Respond to customer reviews promptly and professionally, using canned messages, addressing both positive and negative feedback.


Note: It's important to understand that we cannot directly solicit reviews that violate Google's guidelines.


Engagement & Reputation Management:

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile.

  • Monitor and analyze reviews to identify areas for improvement.


Insights & Reporting:

  • Track key metrics such as views, clicks, and calls generated through your GBP listing.

  • Provide reports to understand how your profile is performing and identify opportunities for improvement.

Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Regular Security Scans: We proactively safeguard your website with regular scans to identify and address vulnerabilities in its code and infrastructure.

  • SSL Certificate Protection: We ensure secure communication between your website and visitors by implementing an SSL certificate, encrypting sensitive data and fostering trust.

  • Unbreachable Logins: Robust authentication measures and strong password policies create a secure barrier against unauthorized access attempts.

  • Optional Firewall Upgrade:For an extra layer of defense, we offer the option to deploy a powerful firewall. This advanced solution monitors and filters incoming and outgoing traffic, actively blocking malicious attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.

  • Real-time Threat Detection & Response: We continuously monitor your website using advanced tools to detect suspicious activity in real-time. This allows us to promptly respond to security incidents, minimizing potential damage.

Fast and Reliable Recovery:

We understand the critical nature of your website's uptime. In the event of an issue, we offer a swift restoration service. Our goal is to restore your website using a recent backup within 24 working hours, minimizing downtime and impact on your business.

Important Disclaimer:

  • Backup Availability: The success of website restoration depends on the availability of a suitable backup. We perform regular backups as part of our service, but we cannot guarantee the existence of a backup for every single scenario.

  • Data Loss Potential: In some cases, depending on the nature of the issue, there may be a possibility of limited data loss between the last backup and the incident.

  • Disclaimer of Warranties: We strive to restore your website as quickly and accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a complete or perfect restoration in every situation. Sign Design disclaims any warranties, express or implied, regarding the success of website restoration or the complete recovery of your data.


We recommend discussing your specific website backup and disaster recovery needs with your Client Manager to ensure optimal protection for your valuable online presence.


Security Measures:

SigntoDesign implements various security measures to safeguard your website. These measures are designed to deter, detect, and respond to potential security threats. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, SigntoDesign cannot guarantee complete immunity from unauthorized access or other security breaches.


By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Shared Responsibility: Security is a shared responsibility. While Sign Design takes significant measures to protect your website, you are also responsible for implementing strong passwords and following best practices for online security.

  • Limitation of Liability: Sign Design shall not be held liable for any damages arising from unauthorized access or security breaches, even if such breaches occur despite the implemented security measures.


Firewall Disclaimer (if applicable):


The optional firewall add-on provides an additional layer of security, but it does not guarantee complete protection. The effectiveness of the firewall depends on various factors, including the specific configuration and the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats.

Reports & Dashboards

1. Timely Updates:

You'll receive a comprehensive report by email every month before the 5th, detailing your account activity.

2. Personalized Reporting:

The report will be tailored to your specific plan (Essential Plus, Professional, or Premium), providing relevant service updates and performance metrics.

3. In-Depth Reviews (Optional):

We offer dedicated 30-minute review sessions each month for Essential Plus, Professional, and Premium plan holders. Discuss your report and ask questions directly with our team.

4. Real-time Performance Tracking (Premium):

Premium plan subscribers get exclusive access to our online Real-time Performance Dashboards. This powerful tool gives you instant insights into your account's performance.

5. Upgrade Your Reporting (Optional):

For an additional Rs 500 per month, you can add access to Real-time Performance Dashboards to your Essential Plus or Professional plan.

6. Additional Reporting Needs:

Our dedicated Client Managers are happy to discuss your specific reporting needs and provide additional reports upon request.

Support & Escalation

Dedicated Support:

  • Each project is assigned a Client Manager who will be your primary point of contact.

  • We keep you informed through a dedicated WhatsApp Group for your project, including all key stakeholders.

  • Your Client Manager is readily available via phone and WhatsApp between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM IST for any questions or concerns.

Streamlined Communication:

  • We use a ticketing system for efficient communication. All content requests and website-related inquiries should be sent to our dedicated support email:

Fast Turnaround:

  • We prioritize your time! Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures content updates are completed within 8 business hours.

Escalation Process:

  • In the rare case your request isn't handled within the SLA timeframe, it automatically escalates for a timely resolution.

  • The escalation chain is as follows:

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